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The most common massage technique for individual muscle groups, and for the whole organism. The basic techniques of this massage are 4 ways of action: stroking, kneading, vibration and rubbing. It is good for relaxation and recovery of different muscle groups, as well as preparing the body for the athlete or patient to exercise therapy.


This is a general relaxation method that is applied with the aim of getting rid of daily fatigue and problems. It is targeted at muscles. It eliminates muscle stresses with the techniques of effleurage (patting), petrisage (kneading and crushing), fristion (circular movement), tapotement (impact) and vibration (vibration). Blood circulation is accelerated with soft or hard touches. Being applied throughout the body, this special massage regulates blood circulation and gives deep relaxation and tranquility feeling. The impacts in a certain flow relax, refresh and help your body find its balance.


Stress relief massage therapy is conducted on individuals who want to reduce stress in their daily routines, improve circulation, relax the mind, improve blood flow, strengthen the immune system, and reduce physical pain.


The most important feature of this massage is that rhythm duration and pressure ratios are varying. When it is applied after sportive activity, it regulates blood circulation and prevents the problems that might occur in muscles while enabling muscles to restore themselves. It strengthens forced muscles and accelerates the healing process of an injury. The people that have encountered muscle tears, vein problems or that are sensitive to aches and also pregnant and nursing mothers shouldn’t have this massage applied.


Concentrated essence obtained from herbs and fruits and also oils are applied throughout your body with soft massage movements in a low tempo. This therapy has relaxing features. Aromatic oils that penetrate in the skin in 20 seconds reach muscle tissue and render your body flexible. Each aromatic oil has an individual healing effect. While some of the essential oils relax you, some others refresh your skin by eliminating toxins. The surface of your skin is cleansed of bacteria.


This massage enables the disposal of toxins that cause local excess and cellulite in the body by means of various manipulations. It helps tissues to recover and refresh thanks to an active sports effect on muscles that have lost their elasticity. If it is supported by lymph drainage, seaweed wrap and aqua gym, it will have a greater effect.


Herbal oils and muscle relaxant are applied locally (back) or throughout the body with medical creams that have heating feature. The individuals with muscle aches, muscle retentions, contractions in various parts of the body, arthritis and rheumatic aches, and low back pain, neck pain and backache can get rid of their aches as a result of regular sessions.


This massage lets lymph liquid that has been blocked flow free by means of manually manipulating the lymph system. It helps disposal of edema and toxins that cause cellulite and regulates circulation system. Not only does lymph evacuate water in body, soften and purify the body from toxins, but it also carries the whole defense system of the organism. It is efficient in heavy legs, cellulite and headaches. It relaxes and strengthens immune system and ensures cell regeneration.


Interactive foot reflexology is the practice of using various massage techniques to stimulate certain areas of the body. There are pressure points in the feet that relate to different parts of the body such as hands, back, neck, head, throat and knees. The use of the fingers and thumbs to press on different pressure points in the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body can have certain effects on your health. The effect of the massage stimulates blood flow and improves circulation. It can also reduce the effects of depression and anxiety and improve overall mental state, as well as helping with aliments such as nausea, headaches and stiff muscles.


The queen of the Hawaiian temple massages, a spiritual section of the Hawaiian culture. The massage movements performed with changeable and connected movements of the lower arm and the elbow, it allows fort he joints to relax, and the soul is freed and it stimulates a deep relaxation feeling. These touches are full of love and embrace the body, along with nice smelling warm body oils.


Having originated from Far East, Thai massage is performed on special Thai cushion which is a semi-hard surface with cloths on. In this special session where especially press, stretch, pull and compression movements are applied, the individual changes position frequently according to the instructions of the therapist and some of the movements might be hard. However result is extraordinary.


Our Sultan Massage makes you feel like you are floating on clouds. Two masseurs work together and massage your whole body simultaneously with synchronized movements. The massage has a positive overall effect on your health and that combined with the pampered and cosseted feelings you experience result in a physical relaxation which doubles your spiritual and physiological contentment.


A luxurious treatment restoring bodily harmony with unbelievable regenerative power. The massage begins with luxurious body scrub, which softens and smoothens the skin. The manual massage is given to every fragment of the body - from a small toe to the skin of the head. It is based on western massage techniques (a draining effect), Asian (an energising effect) and Polynesian (a loosening effect). The massage with stamps filled with red algae and soaked in an elixir activates energy points, perfectly softens the skin and wonderfully smoothens it. Finally, s apecial body cream is applied, which adds the skin sensual glow and perfectly moisturizes it. The treatment restores the harmony of body and mind. It relaxes, gives a feeling of complete regeneration and flow of vital


Drift away & experience for yourself the unique soothing, relaxing yet arousing benefits of my warm Candle Oil Massage. Succumb to the pleasure of this new relaxing treatment. The session begins with a Full Body Massage/Sensual Massage flowing into the Candle Oil Massage and an intimate Lingam Massage. A unique moment, the candle massage offers a unique experience of aphrodisiac scents - a base note that leads the way, plus a charismatic top note to set the tone. The glow of this luxurious candle gives a nice and relaxing atmosphere and the thrilling aphrodisiac fragrance arouses your senses. The flame is then blown out and I drizzle the warm oil onto bare skin for a uniquely intimate, exciting massage experience.


This massage consists of the pressure being applied to the energy points of the body with gentle slaps and stretching to penetrate the muscle tissue very deeply. It promotes harmony in the whole body and internal organs by balancing all the body’s energy centers. The use of natural oils relieves stress and increases energy levels. It results in an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and contentment of both the body and spirit.


Hot Stone Massage has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing therapeutic massages available. For hundreds of years, hot stone massage has been used by many different cultures and modern-day therapists apply the same techniques for a wonderfully relaxing massage designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level.During the hot stone massage treatment, smooth, basaltic (volcanic) rocks that have been heated in water are used in two ways; some stones are wrapped in towels and placed on specific energy centres, known as chakras, along the body to align and re-balance the body’s natural energy flow, whilst other stones are used by the therapist to perform the body massage.


This is the traditional healing method of Japan. Thanks to the pressure applied by fingers and palms on certain points upon certain meridians where the energy of life flows, regular energy flow is achieved. With this special treatment method, which is also known as stingless acupuncture or acupressure, flexibility of muscle tissue is raised and thus waist, back and neck aches are eliminated. It regulates the order of internal glands and organs. It balances the energy anomalies in the body and ensures that neural system works normally. It also clarifies mind and eliminates aches and complaints.


Each of the astrological sun signs have a signature personality type and rule a part of the body’s anatomy and systems. Here are a few lighthearted tips for massage and the sun signs.

Aries: you feel the peace in your body and skin using geranium, flag, daisy, pine and melon essences aries massage oil.

Pisces: geranium, melon, linden, lavender and aloe balance your life energy and you feel the quietness with pisces massage oil.

Virgo: you feel silken touch in your skin and your blood circulation is activated with massage oil; essences with lily, hazelnut, mint, almond and melon.

Leo: harmony and symmetry comes together in leo. it gains its energy with leo special massage oil mixed with almond, lavender, chamomile, mint and daphne.

Sagittarius: it takes its body energy from sagittarius massage oil that has essences of grapefruit, carnation, blackberry, cinnamon and violet.

Aquarius: you feel the balance of energy in your body with special massage oil; essences with violet, kiwi, geranium, cumin and linden.

Gemini: flag, lavender, carrot, rose, fennel essences provide energy to gemini. you feel the quietness in your body and skin.

Capricorn: you feel balance of energy in your body with special capricorn massage that has essences of violet, mint, strawberry, aloe vera and kiwi.

Taurus: taurus massage oil has daisy, aloe vera, cinnamon, apple and linden’s placatory effects. you feel the patience in your body and soul.

Libra: libra massage oil has essences of apple, strawberry, banana, blackberry and pine. you feel the silken touch in your skin.

Cancer: you take the energy from special massage oil with linden, sage, lavender, strawberry, melon essences.

Scorpion: they need to balance their energy from scorpion massage oil that has essences of aloe vera, violet, grapefruit, daisy and daphne.