Cancellation Policy


A – It is mandatory that minimum of 50% of booking amount be paid upon registration and the balance be paid within a maximum of 15 days as of the commencement of accommodation. In case the payments are failed to be made within the mentioned periods, the booking shall be cancelled and 50% of the amount of travel shall be invoiced to the consumer as forfeit.

B – The consumer purchasing a discounted service is obliged to pay the service price in full (100%) on the date of booking.

C – It is required that the balance be paid 60 days prior to the commencement of the service at the latest for special products and services. Forfeit is the same as specified in clause 1A.


1 – Company may cancel or postpone the service due to force majeure conditions such as the failure to reach the necessary number of passengers or unfavorable weather conditions, road obstacles, terrorism, fog, strike, possibility of warfare, unforeseeable technical conditions here that constitute a hindrance to the start and continuance of the service despite have no right to claim compensation.

2 – A- If the consumer cancels the service prior 15 days to the start of service, the whole amount of the price paid shall be returned to the consumer upon demand.

B – In case the consumer cancels the contract 15 – 7 days prior to the commencement of the service, s/he undertakes to pay 50% of the price of accommodation to the Company, and to pay the entire price of the accommodation in case s/he cancels the contract within the last 7 days. Changes on the date made by the consumer shall lead to termination.

C – In case of cancellation or transfer of discounted service, the consumer accepts and undertakes to pay 50% of the service price prior to exactly 7 days prior to the commencement of the service; and within the last 7 days, s/he shall pay the entire service price to the Company.

D – In case of cancellations made prior to 60 days to the service start in special products, the whole amount of the price paid by the consumer until that time shall be refunded. The CONSUMER accepts and undertakes to pay to the Company, in case of cancellation of the contract prior to 59-31 days to the service start, 25% of the service price; prior to 30-15 days, 50% of the service price; prior to 14-07, 75% of the trip price; and if less than 7 days, then the whole amount of the service price.

E – Written submission of the illnesses that lead to 10 day regular involvement for the consumer himself or his/her immediate family or deaths to be proven by an official report taken from a fully equipped hospital is an exception to the articles of cancellation/transfer.

3 – The consumer may transfer the service purchased prior to 7 days to the service start to the desired person. The transferee is responsible for the balance and all expenses arising from the transfer along with the transferor. The consumer is obliged to submit all the cancellation and transfer requests to the company in writing before the commencement of the service.

4 – In case the consumer fails to notify that s/he shall participate in the accommodation service, which s/he has missed the commencement, in writing, the Company shall be entitled to cancel all booking and services made on behalf of the consumer after 24 ours. In such cancellations, the consumer shall not be entitled to a refund.

NOTE Pursuant to relevant articles of Tax Procedure Law, we request you to receive your invoice to be issued in return for the purchasing of the service within 1 week as of the 8th day following the end of service.

If the purchased service is an early booking discounted product, II-2c terms of this contract shall be applied in cases of cancellation.