Healthy eating means feeling good and maintaining health with foods that are diversified from the four main food groups. The combination of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle reduces your risk of getting sick and enables you to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Of course, we don't need to know about these food groups, whether they are healthy or unhealthy. Consulting with Nutritionists who have trained and specialized in our fields for years

What are 10 signs to visit a nutritionist?

-If you suspect you have an allergy or intolerance,

-If you have heartburn or vomiting problems,

-If you have tried too many diet programs in the past,

-If you have problems with hot flushes and reflux,

-If you have serious problems with hunger,

-If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol by your doctor,

-You do everything properly but still can't solve your weight problem,

-If you just want to lose weight or are too thin

-If you are constantly thinking about eating.

"As Royal Diwa Tekirova Resort, we offer you a completely free nutrition consultancy."

What do nutritionists do?

- Listens to the client's problems, learns his eating habits and tells him what he can do for the client,

- Works on the client's health needs and necessary nutrition programs,

- Creates food menus and diet programs

- Evaluates the results of nutrition programs and makes changes if necessary,

- Explains the importance, methods and effects of quality and healthy nutrition based on healthy nutrition; helps you change your habits

- Follows new trends, research, and findings in nutrition.

We are ready to do a body analysis for free.

Tanita performs body analysis with the impedance method. As a result of the analysis, it shows body weight, fat and muscle amounts, average metabolic rate, total amount of water, and their distribution in the body. The interpretation of this is done by experts.

The amount of fat, lean tissue, water, body mass index, and basal metabolic rate in our body are measured. Tanita measures body weight, amount of water, fat, and muscle both in total and individually as torso, arms, and legs. The interpretation of these measurements is made by experts.

There are metal areas in the footed areas and hand held areas on the Tanita weighing device. A very weak and safe electric current that is not felt from these areas makes measurements by circulating in the fluids in the muscles. When the current meets the oil layer, it encounters resistance. Thanks to this resistance and the fluid that transmits the current, Tanita evaluates the measurement, displays the result on the digital screen, and outputs it.

Who Cannot Apply Body Mass Index Measurement?

Since Tanita works with the principle of electric current, those who use pacemakers and similar devices and pregnant women cannot use the analysis part, only the weighing part.

We also offer Seminars and Training Workshops.

You can attend seminars or training workshops organized weekly by our nutritionists on healthy eating and clean food. It's completely free.